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Chapter by Chapter: Designing your New Narrative

Design your destiny over the next year, one chapter at a time, and become the author of your story.

Have you ever looked at your life and asked yourself, "how did I get here?"

Have you fallen from the main character into a supporting role?

Are you tired of certain story lines that have popped up?

Start designing your future with "Chapter by Chapter: Designing Your New Narrative," a transformative coaching journey that helps you to identify the parts of your life that need editing or rewriting altogether.

Remember, if you're not changing it, you're choosing it.


What to expect:

🌟 Twelve Bespoke 1-2-1 Sessions 🌟

Transformation is difficult. These monthly meetings help you to explore, plan, and process your learnings. They are also the perfect place to navigate the challenges and stresses that come up along the way. These sessions are your blank page where you can decide where your story goes now.

✍️ Design Your New Narrative, One Chapter at a Time ✍️

Change is daunting, but armed with tools, strategies, and support you can conquer fear, low motivation, and resistance. By focusing on one chapter at a time, you’ll start to build the confidence & self-esteem to write the next. We’ll also start to look at setbacks as opportunities to learn, fine tuning our approach.

🎯 Revise Your Storyboard 🎯

Examine the key aspects of your life such as the themes, characters, plot points, and directions. Begin transitioning into a new storyline by recognising what requires alteration and employing practical methods to effect that change, evolving continuously as you progress.

🛠️ Build Your Toolbox 🛠️

Explore and identify the strategies, tools, and resources that are most effective for you as you navigate these changes and confront challenges. Develop your own resourcefulness by recognising the tools and techniques that work for you, empowering yourself to steadily progress in your endeavours.

☎️ Phone Support ☎️

When taking insights from sessions into the world, you'll meet resistance. When you recognise that you're at a crossroads, and you feel yourself heading towards the usual route, ‘phone-a-friend.’ Each month you get an informal ‘phone-a-friend’ to help you to remember why you started this journey, so you can decide what to do next.

🎉 Quarterly Virtual Parties 🎉

Every three months you'll have the opportunity to join a virtual party to celebrate the learnings made, the challenges overcome, and risks taken. This meet-up is not about moving forward but celebrating what we've done. These are moments to honour the journey itself, not just the victories.

🔍 Highlights of the Journey Ahead 🔍

  • Gain insights into what drives you

  • Develop self-reflection practices

  • Proactively plan

  • Shift mindsets & confront internal barriers

  • Prepare for dips in motivation

  • Embrace failure

  • Prioritise self-care

  • Stay accountable

Next year’s story is already being written. Instead of passively accepting it, take an active role in shaping it. Whether it's a big shift or a small adjustment, you have an entire year to purposefully move towards it. All it takes is deciding to do it.

Define the story you want your life to tell in a year, and start rewriting it now.

🗓️ Sign up for a free consultation or get started today but clicking the button below. 🗓️

This stuff is not easy, but I know you can do it.

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