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Matthew Fuller Executive Coach

Executive Coach

MatthewCTFuller Executive Coaching

I am a firm believer in the power of positive psychology and hacking neuroscience to foster long-term success and happiness.

I use a mixture of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Mindfulness to promote self-awareness, and a deeper understanding of one's strengths.

In this way, you'll foster your own resourcefulness and transform your life. 

About Me


My name is Matthew Fuller

Like you, I came to coaching because I knew I had more to give. I had worked in the arts, operations, marketing, and the civil service, but for me the through-line was always the people. I saw colleagues and friends frustrated, burning out, and doubting themselves: feeling stuck with no idea where to go. I saw others, who spent time working on themselves, flourish in ways they had never expected. This inspired me to fuse my creative, corporate, and self-development interests together. I love helping people to believe and invest in themselves and their ambitions.


We all have barriers, both internal and external, and breaking through them with clients is my passion. As a proud graduate of the Academy of Executive Coaching, and with training in mental wellness intervention from ASIST and MHFA England, I come to the table with both the perspective of lived experience but also internationally renowned training to support my clients achieve their goals.


I'm proud to have worked with:
University of Toronto
UTSC The Hub
Government of Quebec
BBC Radio London
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